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repost from Upworthy… Be Happy

a Dr’s advice for being actually happy..

http://www.gofundme.com/tnx12w Gonna pretend I like the rain today.. Even tho I bothered to straighten my hair #CurlyHairProblems #HappyMonday #tooOldForThisShiz #noIWillNotGo #SorryNotSorry I make some pasta for lunch while I get some work done, and all he wants are the veggies and sauce. Lol #fatKid #catsOfInstagram #SauceOnHisFace Truth.  #letGo #Understanding Aww sad panda is sad cuz I told someone that calling someone ugly and laughing at it is, in fact, ugly.  And they deleted me. Awwwww.  Anyone see any skin off my back ? Nah? Didn't think so. Little girls gonna learn how to treat each other before one of them loses it.  #byeFelicia Just love me some @pdqfreshfood ! #CaliClub #FayettevilleNc So this beautiful girl just wandered into the office today.. #LookingForHerHuman Sometimes you hafta just lean back Hahahahahaaaa hurricanes are shitting now?! Damn. This global warming thing is serious. #weatherChannel

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